Dirt on My Mind

Be crazy, expect nothing, get dirty, wake up with the sun, talk to yourself, prioritize color, stop over-mothering, organize chaos.

Eat My Trip

My stepson married a Vietnamese woman in a traditional ceremony in her village. We spent a memorable two weeks eating our way up to the wedding day…

Natural Cheesemaking

To make cheese in my kitchen, to form a funky chunk then sip a mug of piping hot whey, feels like a bit of a miracle.

a close-up of recently foraged ramps

Ramps by the Side of the Road

There are a million signs of early spring, but nothing is so emblematic and magical as the arrival of ramps in the woods by the side of the road.

pickling cucumbers laid out on a cutting board and in a basket on a wooden table

Jewish Pickles

This recipe comes from the Fall 2019 installment of Jennifer Solow’s column, Kitchen Garden.