Chef for Higher

Defying the stereotype that marijuana breeds laziness, Chef “Hawaii Mike” Salman might be the busiest cannabis entrepreneur in New York State.

Filipino Fabulous

Woldy Reyes grew up romanticizing food. He eventually started his catering company, Woldy Kusina, which has become a staple in the New York pop-up scene.

Regarding Les Repas-Partagé

Georgette Moger-Petraske is the host of Regarding Oysters, a weekly salon inspired by Paris of the 1930s…

Large building with barn to the left with a field of grass in the front and a sunset painting the sky in the background

Churchtown Dairy, A Castle for Cows

Graceful stone arches and gothic traversing vaults conjure up ideas of medieval royalty. When those same architectural bastions are used in a modern dairy barn, there is a dramatic shift in perception about farming, from what it was to what it has become and to what it could be.