In Season

a close-up of recently foraged ramps

Ramps by the Side of the Road

There are a million signs of early spring, but nothing is so emblematic and magical as the arrival of ramps in the woods by the side of the road.

laura silverman kneels on thr ground foraging for mushrooms

Foraging: A Love Story

Fledgling foragers are advised to carry a reliable field guide, consult an experienced mentor and heed the trusted aphorism, “When in doubt, throw it out.”

a watercolor rendering of blue crabs

Crabbing on the Hudson

One of the cool things about crabbing—especially with pots—is that it’s incredibly easy.

bunch of apples

In Season: Fall

WHAT’S FRESH • WHAT’S LOCAL   VEGETABLES & HERBS Arugula • Basil* • Beets •…

row of scallions tied up in bundles

In Season: Summer

WHAT’S FRESH • WHAT’S LOCAL VEGETABLES Beans • Beets • Broccoli • Cabbage • Carrots…

crates of beets

In Season Winter

There is an abundance of reasons to eat local produce. When you eat locally, you support your community, minimize your packaging use, reduce your environmental impact, and best of all, you enjoy fresher, tastier grub. Luckily for us, the Hudson Valley is abundant in fruits and vegetables year-round.

a group of morel mushrooms growing in the wild

Forage for Morels

Morels, while exceedingly delicious and equally rare, just look odd–like a ridged, pale kitchen cleaning implement–and grow very briefly in odd locations.