Love Will Find A Way

a just married couple holds out their fists showing wedding rings

Welcome to our Winter 2020 | Spring 2021 edition of Edible Hudson Valley‘s Weddings Guide. And, what a year for it—right?

School may be remote and shops may have closed; airplanes may be grounded and we may be facing an uncertain future. But if there one thing that the last year has shown us, it’s that love will find a way. Love isn’t going to wait for a vaccine.

It’s been an inspiration to see how, despite a global pandemic, people are still finding magical ways to exchange their vows—on rocks and on rooftops, in open fields and in municipal offices. Lovers still love, even in a pandemic, and they’re still uniting in unforgettable ceremonies. All of this undaunted love gives us hope during what has otherwise been a pretty dreary time.

What makes this year’s weddings guide different is that we’re showcasing the couples who, despite the challenges of COVID, are inventing new ways to marry. Zoom weddings, elopements, wedding bubbles—there’s a lot more going on today beyond white dresses and something borrowed and something blue. But that’s okay—love is stepping up and figuring it all out.

So, sure, weddings are different this year, and some things are missing (namely, crowds). But we’re learning that weddings don’t have to be huge to be grand, or populous to be spectacular. We’re recognizing that sometimes the smallest gifts can be the most precious. 

Join us as we follow these brave, creative lovers who, despite the challenges, have found a way.

Meet the Couples

Elana Knoller + Robert Halperin

Molly Samson + Chuka Ugwu-Oju

Toni Kokenis + Liz Evans

Heidi Hackemer + Tyree Montague

This story was originally published in February of 2021.